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YourName.com ( .com ) - For Businesses
YourName.net ( .net ) - For Network-related Companies
YourName.org ( .org ) - For Organisations
YourName.info ( .info ) - For Information-related (new)
YourName.biz ( .biz ) - For Businesses (new)

Internic TLDs (Top Level Domain Names) can be purchased from us at US$14.65 (RM 56) per year. Advantage of Internic TLDs is : it is more International/Global and cheaper than other type of domain names. Disadvantages of Internic TLDs is :many good names have already been taken by early registrants.

YourName.com.my ( .com.my ) - Businesses in Malaysia
YourName.net.my ( .net.my ) - Network-related Businesses
YourName.org.my ( .org.my ) - Organisations
YourName.edu.my ( .edu.my ) - Education Organanisations
YourName.gov.my ( .gov.my ) - Government Organisations

MYNIC domain names can be purchased from us at RM 100 per year. Advantages of MYNIC domain names are: many of the names are still available and the domain names represent a business or organisation registered in Malaysia. Disadvantages is: the name is slightly more lengthy with the .my extension.

ICAS offers a range of website hosting packages to suit companies of all shapes and sizes. Each plan offers generous disk space limits simply so you don't have to worry about how much space you use. We guarantee optimum performance under peak traffic conditions.




Yearly Fee

Monthly Fee

Beginner Plan



RM 150
(USD 39)

RM 13
(USD 4)

Starter Plan



RM 300
(USD 79)

RM 25
(USD 7)

Value Plan



RM 600
(USD 157)

RM 50
(USD 13)

Many businesses don't have the time or the manpower to maintain or update their web sites; in the high-speed information age, not being current can mean losing out on sales. We have the solution to keep your site updated timely.


Packages hours


Monthly Fee

Webmaster Basic

2 hours / month

text or photographic changes

RM 95
(USD 25)

Webmaster Plus

4 hours / month

text or photographic changes

RM 171
(USD 45)


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